SAT范文:Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

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Even though human society has experienced numerous threats and destructions, it continues to move forward for the better as human beings learn from failures. Learning from WW II, we deal with international issues more successfully; learning from the Enron Scandal, we realize and then promote the importance of business ethics.

Many people hold that WW II has been the most disastrous event throughout history, but they ignore the long period of peace and prosperity we have been enjoying after the war, achieved by learning from that important lesson. In addition to the many achievements such as strong economic growth, unprecedented pace of technological advancement, we have learned to settle disputes and conflicts by exchanging values, not by using violence. The IMF, UN and many other international organizations that aim to solve conflicts between nations and help promoting global development, eliminating poverty and protecting human right all achieve great success. Rather than being pessimistic about the future, we aim at building an international society to replace a world divided by borders; the result – a world of much less conflicts and hatred, but much more cooperation and dialogue.

Learning from disasters helps us to build a better world in which economic developments have become the fundamental driving force. The Enron Scandal, causing great loss to the company’s shareholder, revealed many issues including ethics, morality, government regulation and so forth. Nevertheless, the solution to the problem is not to negate the meaning of business activities, but to amend the accounting standards and enforce new rules to regulate such immoral conducts. In particular, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act aiming to prevent such issues from repeating indicates that we are heading toward a society capable of self-improvement.

The many imperfections we observe in daily lives lead many people to conclude that the world is not changing for the better. However, we should judge on the outlook of our society, but not on the present. As the first example shows, even though wars are threats to humanity, we are able to direct the world to a more peaceful path by avoiding repeating mistakes. Similarly, the Enron Scandal is a revelation of the flaws with our economic system, a chance for us to improve. By learning from the history and failure, we propel our world to a better, even though far from perfect, world.


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